Friday, July 3, 2009

Winnipeg Free Press Editorial Today

Today's Winnipeg Free Press has an editorial on the OPBO situation. It is very supportive of the OPBO.

Here is their description of the problem:

His loyalties, though, have not served his office well. Conservatives and Liberals, on the committee that oversees Mr. Page's office, have lined up to squelch this outspoken analyst, whose work is to feed information requested by various parliamentary committees. The joint Senate-Commons committee responsible for the Library of Parliament, through which Mr. Page reports to the speakers of both chambers, has offered Mr. Page the $2.8 million budget he requested on the proviso he no longer immediately releases his updates and forecasts publicly, leaving that disclosure to the committee.

It seems the Liberals, who as Official Opposition should be the most rabid of watchdogs, well understand that an insider with a little bit of power has the most dangerous bite of all, and better to emasculate this one while not in government. The united front they and the Tories have formed to effectively neuter Mr. Page is a crass example of political expediency.

Here is their call to action:
[Mr. Page] should turn down the nefarious $2.8-million offer and soldier on, for however long the prime minister sees value in having a parliamentary budget officer who actually believes in transparency and accountability.