Monday, July 6, 2009

Media stories on the OPBO

There have been a lot of stories on the OPBO over the past few months. I will try to 'catch up' with some of these in order to provide some context. I don't know how long these links will remain active, but they all work as of now.

Canwest, Dec. 8th 2008: "Parliament's Budget Office has its budget frozen"

The Hill Times, Jan. 19, 2009: "Bringing truth to budgeting"

The Hill Times, Feb. 9, 2009: "Parliamentary Budget Officer should be reined in, say Liberal and Tory MPs"

Canadian Press, Jun. 16, 2009: "Give the Parliamentary Budget Officer More Money: Committee"

Ottawa Citizen, Jun. 16, 2009: "Budget Officer, Parliamentary Library urged to bury the hatchet"

Toronto Star, Jun. 17, 2009: "Put tether on budget watchdog, MPs urge"

Edmonton Sun, Jun. 17, 2009: "Committee returns Page to Library"

National Post, Jun. 18, 2009: "The muzzling of Kevin Page"

Toronto Star, Jun. 24, 2009: "Do Tories want watchdop or lapdog?"

Toronto Star, Jun. 27, 2009: "Our democracy is being eroded"

Globe and Mail, Jun. 30, 2009: "Why is Kevin Page left twisting in the wind"

Globe and Mail, Jul 2, 2009: "Misplaced confidentiality"