Monday, October 12, 2009

What's happening next?

The Hill Times story by Cynthia Münster (who has been on top of this story like no one else in the media) also contains several hints about where this issue may go next. This is a lot of inside Ottawa procedural stuff on which I'm no expert. But I relay it here for those who are interested in following the PBO storyline and want to know what's next.
  • Two weeks ago, the PBO provided a formal response to the Committee report from June. The Hill Times story mentions that the PBO has not been able to post this response on the PBO website because the Committee doesn't want him to. (How's that for transparency?)
  • The Speaker of the House (Peter Milliken) informed the Committee that he would like to have the Committee's recommendations from June approved by the House before he took any action.
  • Vice Chair of the Committee (Mauril Bélanger) argues that the House does not need to approve the recommendations before the Speaker acts, and will be discussing this further with the Speaker.
  • The Speaker of the Senate (Noël Kinsella) wants to know if the Committee is satisfied with the PBO's response to their June report before he recommends the increase in funding.
  • Co-Chair of the Commitee (Senator Carstairs) reminds everyone that the fiscal clock is ticking--we're talking about the PBO's budget for 2009-10 here and the deadlines are looming very shortly.
  • The Committee is scheduled to meet again with the two speakers on October 20th.
  • The Committee may meet with the PBO on October 22nd.